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Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover

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✅ Fits All Cars & Dogs

✅ Effortless Installation for Instant Use

✅ Handles Up to 280 pounds with Ease

Escape the stress of uncomfortable & shaky car rides

Traveling by car can often leave your furry friend feeling anxious and uneasy, leading to whining, pacing, drooling, or worse, destructive behavior.

Having their own wide, private, and sturdy pet nook, crafted from the most comfortable materials, your pet can relax and feel safe throughout the journey.

✅ reinforced sides & hard bottom to keep your dog secure

Protect your car, from scratches, hairs & stains

Travel hassle-free with our 100% waterproof, durable car seat cover.

Get ultimate protection with our waterproof, durable car seat cover. With door protectors included, your car's backside is fully shielded, letting you focus solely on driving.

✅ keep your car clean & your dog secure

✅ ideal for Canadian weather conditions, including snow, rain, and dust.

Quick & simple to set

Pet Seat Cover only takes a few seconds to install, simply lay it out, tie the straps to the headrests and grab handles, and you're good to go!

✅ added storage compartments for your convenience.

✅ effortless to clean

Fits all cars & all pets

Our premium seat cover is designed to fit all vehicle types, from SUVs and trucks to sedans and minivans. With a weight capacity of 280 pounds, it's suitable for up to three large-sized dogs.

Featuring a breathable see-through net

our cover allows your furry friend to see you at all times and enjoy refreshing air from the AC.

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